Thursday, October 27, 2011


People with cancer are not contagious. Actually, people with cancer get sick from people without cancer since cancer patients immune system isn't as good as people without cancer.

True or False, if you tell a friend I know how you feel it helps them. That is false, because unless you have had cancer before, you have no idea how they feel. They would actually rather have you listen to them about how their feeling, instead of saying I know how you feel.

So many feel that cancer make your hair fall out. That is not true. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy are actually what make your hair fall out. This puts your body in tons of stress.

Don't think that just because someone has cancer means that they still don't get bored. Actually, if you bring something to entertain a cancer patient, it will keep their mind off of cancer and have a little bit of fun. Anyways, how would you like it if you were lying in a hospital bed all day? That would get pretty boring after awhile.

More younger people than adults die of cancer every year. If a child is growing up around smoking, or even if it's in their genetics, they are way more likely to get cancer than others.

 Just because you might have cancer, or your afraid of getting cancer, don't even think about never getting rid of it! There are many ways that you can get rid of cancer, and even though it may last awhile, you just got to keep fighting and hopefully cancer patients do get better.